Louisiana Weather and Climate

Geography of Louisiana and Its Impact on Weather

The surface of Louisiana can be divided into two parts, the uplands of the north, and the alluvial areas along the coast. The alluvial region includes low swamp lands, coastal marshlands and beaches, and barrier islands.

The higher and contiguous hill lands of the north part of the state have an area of more than 25,000 square miles. They consist of prairie and woodlands.

Elevations in the state range from sea level at the Gulf of Mexico, to 535 feet above sea level at Driskell Mountain near Ruston.

Typical Louisiana Weather Patterns

Louisiana has a humid subtropical climate, with long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. Precipitation is frequent throughout the year, although the summer is slightly wetter than the rest of the year. Rainfall and humidity decrease, and daily temperature variations increase with distance from the Gulf of Mexico.

In the summer, the extreme maximum temperature is much warmer in the north than in the south, with temperatures near the Gulf of Mexico occasionally reaching 100 °F, although temperatures above 95 °F are commonplace. In northern Louisiana, the temperatures often reach above 105 °F in the summer.

Temperatures are generally mildly warm in the winter in the southern part of the state, with highs around New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the rest of south Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico averaging 66 °F, while the northern part of the state is mildly cool in the winter with highs averaging 59 °F.

Louisiana is often affected by tropical cyclones and is very vulnerable to strikes by major hurricanes. The entire state averages over 60 days of thunderstorms a year, more than any other state except Florida. Louisiana averages 27 tornadoes annually.

Louisiana High and Low Record Temperatures

The highest temperature on record was 114 degrees, measured on August 10, 1936 in Plain Dealing, in extreme northwest Louisiana near Shreveport. The lowest temperature was -16 degrees, recorded on February 13, 1899 in Minden.

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