Facts About Louisiana

Flag of the State of Louisiana

An early French explorer, Robert de LaSalle, named Louisiana for Louis XIV, King of France.

The state bird is the Brown Pelican, and the state flower of Louisiana, the Magnolia.

The official flag of Louisiana has a solid blue background with the coat-of-arms of the state, the pelican feeding its young, in white in the center, with a ribbon beneath, also in white, containing in blue the motto of the state, "Union, Justice and Confidence".

Louisiana covers an area of 51,855 square miles.

Louisiana amphibian - the green tree frog
State crustacean - crawfish
State mammal - Louisiana black bear
State freshwater fish - white perch (also known as sac-au-lait and white crappie)
State dog - Catahoula Leopard Dog
Official tree - bald cypress
State insect - honey bee
State wildflower - Louisiana Iris
State reptile - alligator

The "New" Louisiana State Capitol was completed in March, 1932, in a mere 14 months and stands on a 27-acre tract. As the tallest state capitol in the United States, the building is 450 feet high with 34 floors. Twenty-five hundred rail cars were needed to bring in the limestone used on the exterior and the interior marbles which came from distant places, including Vermont and Italy. The cost to complete the building was a modest $5 million.

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